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Now offering Monday Boutique Nutrition Meals and Wednesday Comfort Collection Meals! Learn more below.


  • Shed Excess Weight
  • Increase Energy
  • Boost Immunity 
  • Increase Focus
  • Improve Skin Clarity 
  • Eliminate Bloat 

Boutique Nutrition Meals

Caspiana's Boutique Nutrition Signature Program Includes: 

  • clean, ready-to-eat meals
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner designed for optimal nutrition
  • daily detox tonics and teas to support digestion 
  • delivery to your door or one of several pick up locations, no prep, cooking, or clean-up! 
  • sustainable sourced seafood & free range organic meats
  • dairy free & gluten free
  • no refined sugars or preservatives  
  • no gmo 
  • vegan friendly 


Comfort Collection Meals

Caspiana Comfort Collection Includes:

  • clean, ready-to-eat restaurant inspired "comfort" meals
  • individual and family size portions that can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner
  • delivery to your door or one of several pick up locations, no prep, cooking, or clean-up! 
  • sustainable sourced seafood & free range organic meats
  • no refined sugars or preservatives  
  • no gmo

Orders must be completed by Sunday by Noon for the upcoming week. You may order from both menus at the same time or keep your orders separate, customize as you like.

The Boutique Nutrition Meals will be delivered as normal on Monday evenings. Comfort Meals will be delivered Wednesday evenings.

Pick up between 6pm-9pm at BHP YMCA, Fitness Lady in Bossier, D1 Training,  2882 Southland Park Drive, 9456 Milbank Drive. Delivery is also available! You will be prompted to choose your option for pick up location or delivery at check out. 

Our meals are made fresh every Monday using sustainably sourced seafood, free range meats, fresh produce, and sprouted whole grains. We pride ourselves in making every sauce, spread, and dressing in house with no refined sugars or preservatives.

Each meal has 5-7 ounces of protein and always under 400 calories. We swap refined carbs like pasta and white rice for things like zucchini noodles and cauliflower "rice", and when rice is used, its sprouted wild or brown organic rice. 

We have a mobile app! 

Wellness Concierge

Questions? Email our team of wellness experts: or call 318-393-5371 



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